Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do not believe the Republican lies about Election Day

President Obama, Truth and Justice will prevail on Tuesday, November 2.

The people support President Obama.

You have heard and seen the lies: Republicans will take control of the House or perhaps even the Senate. That the people are angry or unpleased with President Obama. These are the lies of those who are desperate. Who fear the truth. Who oppose justice and who oppose our president. These lies will not stand. They will be shattered by truth and justice and they will be shattered by President Obama.

Our president provides us with enlightened leadership. He has and he will continue to shine the light of truth and justice on the American landscape. President Obama will continue to bring forth economic and social justice to America.

Our president will continue to provide equality and will see to it our justice in all its form are distributed to all peoples. President Obama will continue to fight American imperialism and corporate greed and he shall prevail. Do not believe the enemies of truth and justice for they are enemies of our president. President Obama is the son of Kings and Queens and he has history and destiny of truth and justice at his side. The march toward progress will continue and our president and will continue to lead the way.