Thursday, December 23, 2010

Racism and the TRUTH about Christmas

As one of the great lies in human history Christmas ranks among the most racially charged occasions of the year.

THE LIE begins with the cover-up to hide the true identity of Jesus who was a black African philospher. He certainly was not the blonde haired man we have seen all too often in pictures and in movies. Jesus was concerned about the growing hostility of the white man towards Africa. He set forth on a great journey from Africa to the Middle East to preach his message of love and respect. He hoped to make it to Europe to civilize the white man but they killed him because he was African.

Christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus but the white man has turned this event into a ceremony of greed and an obsession of material want.

To add insult to injury, the white man created a caricature of Jesus called "Santa Claus". Santa Claus is depicted as a large white man from the European icelands with magical powers. He has the ability to enter any home at will (a metaphor for the white man's invasions into other lands).

Santa Claus also has the ability to hand out a seemingly endless amount of material gifts to seduce children into thinking that material wealth is the greatest gift of all.

Last but not least, Santa Claus uses slavery and the threat of violence to spread his "holiday cheer". Tied to his sleigh are animals depicted as raindeer that Santa whips until they fly him to wherever he wishes to go.

The origins of this imagery are somewhat vague but many African historians believe that this alludes to the fact that Africans were the first to master air travel. White men must have seen Africans using their air gliders to travel from place to place. Burning with fear and jealousy, the white man must have felt compelled to mock this achievement.

Never forget:


Anonymous said...

Wow your getting lazy. This is a repeat of a post you made several years ago, you just copied and pasted it again.

Anonymous said...

Down with the bald-head white devils!

Kyle Kiernan said...

Let me see if I get this right - blacks are reindeer? reindeer equivalents? what?

Africans mastered air travel? did icky white colonial masters come in and steal all the airliners and now nobody knows about it anymore?

couple of chuckles in this one, but not your best. keep trying.

Anonymous said...

The truth about Christmas:
On Christmas Eve Santa Claus comes down the chimney and leaves presents for all the good little white girls and boys.
The good little black girls and boys get their presents from Kwanza Claus. What? they didn't get any this year? I guess Kwanza Claus doesn't exist. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

You're really a human writing this delusional ode to apophenia to make Afrocentrists look like gibbering simpletons, aren't you?

No need - that job is taken!

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