Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black Africans Must Rule Egypt Again

It is time to restore the glory of ancient Egypt.

Africa is the birthplace of human civilization and for thousands of years Egypt was the crown jewel of humanity. The African man created knowledge and written language. He charted the stars and he explored the world. He built the pyramids and developed medicines and mathematics.

Then the invasions from the white north started. The white man invaded North Africa and turned lush farmland and jungle into dessert. The white man enslaved us. The white man ransacked our cities and burned, destroyed and stole our knowledge. The more tragic example of this was the destruction the library at what the white man calls Alexandria. The true and proper name of course, is Rhacotis.

Today Egypt is a prisoner of an American CIA puppet named Hosni Mubarak. This must come to an end.

As President Barack Hussein Obama brings America to justice and corrects centuries of wrong-doing it is proper and necessary for us to heal the wounds created in Africa by the enemies of truth and justice.

Given the current unstable situation in Egypt, it would be acceptable and necessary for the African Union to step in to restore order. Ultimately, we should see a return of African rule in Egypt so that Africa again will be the guiding light of the world.

But the African Union must act quickly. Agitators representing the interests of the white man are attempting to steal African history from Egypt’s museums to hide the truth of what was.

This cannot and must not be allowed.