Monday, August 29, 2011

Katrina: Six years later. Never forget. Never Again.

This African man tries to protect his son at the Superdome
The view from the killer: This image taken from the Nakah satellite shows the storm just before it strikes New Orleans. The most intense period of concentrated energy from the satellite is about to begin. Bush did not hesitate to violate the 1977 U.N. Treaty against Weather Modification For Hostile Purposes.
Soldiers help an elderly white woman while Africans are left to fend for themselves.
Forced from their homes, thousands of Africans are stranded without food, water or medical care.
Another African victim of the death patrols.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are the remnants of the Bush Regime trying to kill President Obama?

President Obama investigates the 2010 oil spill in the gulf.

As I write these words, Hurricane Irene is approaching the northeastern United States where President Obama and his family were enjoying a well-deserved vacation on Martha's Vineyard island. An earthquake recently occurred in that part of the land. These two events may be related and should give us concern.

During the height of its destructive power, the Bush Regime used weather-control technology to create the hurricane known as "Katrina" in 2005. Orbiting the Earth, the weather-control satellite or satellites were directed to generate the storm and target the New Orleans area. Thousands of Africans were directly killed by the storm and later by Bush Regime agents and forces. The worst example of this being the forced imprisonment of thousands inside the New Orleans Superdome where people were denied food, water and safety from murderers and criminal gangs.

The oil corporations benefited from the attack as they were soon allowed by the Bush Regime to brutally exploit the Gulf of Mexico for oil drilling. This criminal environmental rape later resulted in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010 which was in part, a failed attempt by the oil companies and neo-conservative extremists to embarrass and blackmail President Obama.

As discussed here a year ago, the fate of the Bush weather control technology is not precisely known. The matter continues to be investigated by Attorney General Eric Holder and other members of the Obama Administration. The sabotage of the space shuttles by the Bush Regime in 2008 has hindered the investigation. It has been reported that the orbital devices were given to another power but others say that they are still out there, waiting for new orders from those who cling to the Bush Regime and the capitalist exploiters.

With just cause, it is suspected that this Hurricane Irene was an assassination attempt on President Obama and his family on Martha's Vineyard. Or perhaps the plan was to strand the president and his family on the island while a coup d'├ętat took place in Washington, DC. If so, we are fortunate that the plan failed.

President Obama has been briefed on the matter and he is now secure at the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) headquarters in Washington to monitor this storm and to investigate its origin.