Sunday, October 16, 2011

The reprehensible campaign of Herman Cain

Among the many things that makes Mr. Cain so reprehensible is that he has abandoned his roots as an African man and has allied himself with the white power structure which has ties to slavery. These corporations that Mr. Cain has associated with have blood on their hands. Even worse, he wants to run against President Obama, our first African president and America's first morally just leader.

What America needs and what it is getting from President Obama is social and economic justice. Mr. Cain is only interested in serving the corporations and making them a profit. He is a slave and if elected, Mr. Cain would put the chains back on us again. He has chains on his brain and he cannot see or realize the truth.

The workers are rising up because they deserve a wage for their labor that equalizes the workers. They deserve a wage to live in today's society not under it. Those who earn more owe us by paying more into the system. The less they earn the more the system must be put to work for the worker. Mr. Cain would have the system enslave the worker.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The people rise up against the capitalist exploiters

Banks and corporations must be brought to justice

People want social and economic justice. That is why we voted for President Obama and that is why we stand with him. When profit and profit are equalized by removing from the hands of the rich and placing in the trust of the collective we can be truly free to be as productive as we want without the enslavement of wage inequalities and other ideological atrocities. President Obama is our sword of justice and the capitialist exploiters have been wounded by his thrust.

Nationalizing growth AND industry is the only way to ensure the fairness everyone here is rallying for so passionately.


The lies of the capitalist system have been exposed. Those nations with Keynesian economies are doing quite well economically. Why? Because Keynesian economics recognize only the government in charge of the economy, that is, owning and operating every single national industry. Do you know what this represents?

A rich and powerful government capable of provide for the needs of its citizens as all the social governments do. Corporate capitalism it’s not responsible for the social they are about profits and is insane to expect that the free-market is going to fairly provide for anything.

We need need stronger government built on the principal of equality and justice. President Obama is setting the foundation for this and we deserves and requires your support.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Workers protest against the capitalist exploiters

Inspired by President Obama, the Workers stand up to the injustices of the capitalists exploiters.

The capitalist exploiters on Wall Street and elsewhere will be brought to justice for their crimes of Inequality. President Obama is bringing social and economic justice to America whether they like It or not. The Workers demand justice and they shall have it.