Thursday, September 27, 2012

President Obama (JUSTICE) Vs. Romney (the Capitalist Exploiter)

President Obama is our voice of Reason. He is our instrument of Justice. He is our Leader of Truth.

For hundreds of years America has been a land of injustice. Of slavery. Of racism. Of hate. Of lies. Of deception, exploitation and oppression.

But then Barack Obama came to us. A son of Africa from the original man who was born in truth and justice arrive to deliver us from the crimes and lies of America. It is Barack Obama who has allowed the light of true justice and the truth to shine on America. He was a prince who has become of king and he has ruled justly.

America is now being reborn. We know that birth can be painful. We now birth can take a long time. But when it is attended to with care and patience, you help give birth to a great new beginning.   President Obama is creating a new life to a child born of wickedness and he wants to raise that child properly with a sense of moral and social justice.   But this Mitt Romney wants to strangle the child and teach it the ways of the wicked.

President Obama needs your vote and deserves your vote. But the truth always has enemies and the enemy today is this Mitt Romney. This Mitt Romney is a master of the exploitation of the people. Where President Obama creates and provides hope this Mitt Romney sows the seeds of greed. Where President Obama dispatches justice this Mitt Romney tells lies. Where President Obama hands down justice this Mitt Romney creates injustice.

Our leader is a just leader and we must stay on the path of justice and truth. We cannot allow this Mitt Romney take us off the path back to injustice and back to the chains of lies and oppression.

President Obama is and will remain our president!