Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Leader is a Great Leader

Our leader Barack Obama needs your support, help and vote.  During the past four years he has been our voice.   He has been our tool in our hand creating a new America rooted in economic and social justice.    Great progress has been made since 2008 in transforming the United States from a creature of aggression and inequality into a gentle soul of fairness and justice.

But our leader is under attack from those who oppose justice.   Who oppose the TRUTH and equality.

We must not forget the economic crisis our leader encountered when he assume power in 2009.  He was met with the cries of millions who were exploited by the capitalist sector.   Led by the Bush Regime, the capitalist exploiters manipulated the economy to maximize profit for themselves while leaving the people  despair and ruin.  One of the people who benefited from this exploitation was Mitt Romney.  This Romney intends a return to the Bush-era policies of cutting taxes for millionaires and giving freer reign to Wall Street that led us into this mess. This didn't work before, and it won't work now.

I urge you all to do everything possible to support our leader, Barack Obama.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

President Obama will win a great victory in November

President Barack Obama will win a great victory in November. This is a reality you cannot alter or escape from. It is fact. It is history. It is justice for the world.

Many of you have seen the light and have accepted the truth. You have seen the truth. You have lived the TRUTH. We thank you for your support in 2008 in electing Barack Obama and we thank you for your support this year and in the future.

To those who have rejected the truth you have no reason to fear Barack Obama. He has been wise and just and he has followed the principals followed by his African forefathers. Barack Obama is the son of Kings and Queens who started human civilization thousands of years ago. Barack Obama remembers his heritage and his obligations to the Truth, Justice and the Future.

Barack Obama understands what is wrong and what needs to be done. Barack Obama has intelligence and vision that has lasted for over a millennium. Barack Obama was born with the appropriate ways of thinking, speaking, and acting and this will inspire you to be liberated for now there is no shackle which can keep you enslaved.

An African Proverb tell us: “Then command the servant, thusly: Make an Elder's staff causing my son to stand in my place I will instruct him through the speech of the listeners and the counsels of the first of the ancients who listened to the divinities. In so doing troubles will be removed from the people.”

Barck Obama is here now to listen, to instruct and will continue to guide you to your new life.

America has a new start and a chance now in this moment in history to right itself. A change to correct its wrongs and address its sins.

Do not fooled by the lies of the capitalist exploiter. Do not allow the slave master to return to plunder your home. The Romney will attempt to put chains on your brain so that he can later put shackles on your arms and legs. Do not allow this to happen again.

If you support change that will bring forth social and economic justice, you will stand with Barack Obama. Those who have been denied justice in America will get justice. Those will have been denied opportunity will be given opportunity. Those will falsely imprisoned will be freed. Those who are guilty will be punished. America’s salvation is at hand.

Those who have profited in America will play a role helping others. Justice requires equality and fairness and those who have the means will now be fair and will contribute to equality.

Stand with Barack Obama and you will be honored you for your work, sacrifice, dedication and devotion on behalf of all oppressed peoples.

Stand with Barack Obama and you will be honored and celebrated and remembered in song and praise and by your children.