Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Our Leader is victorious!

Our leader is victorious!

Barack Obama thanks you for your support, help and vote. During the past four years he has been our voice. He has been our tool in our hand creating a new America rooted in economic and social justice. Great progress has been made since 2008 in transforming the United States from a creature of aggression and inequality into a gentle soul of fairness and justice.

Today we have defeated those who oppose the TRUTH and equality.

We will never forget the economic crisis our leader encountered when he assume power in 2009. He was met with the cries of millions who were exploited by the capitalist sector. Led by the Bush Regime, the capitalist exploiters manipulated the economy to maximize profit for themselves while leaving the people despair and ruin. One of the people who benefited from this exploitation was Mitt Romney. The Romney wanted a return to the Bush-era policies of cutting taxes for millionaires and giving freer reign to Wall Street that led us into this mess. This didn't work before, and it won't work now. We said NO!

Today we begin the total and complete healing of that wound on the world known as America.

We praise you our leader, Barack Obama.