Thursday, August 14, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

The shooting of Micheal Brown is an attack on our Leader

This is only year six of our Leader's era so we may be on the right path but the road ahead of us is a long one.

Our Leader, President Obama is bringing America to justice but the racial crimes America is guilty of are many.  And we know that even when a guilty person is brought to justice that person can still commit a crime and inflict harm.   We have seen this most recently with the shooting and murder of Michael Brown.

White police departments and militant groups are still upset that their Leader is a Son of Africa.   They still resist the TRUTH and still reject the path of justice.  But in the end, they will lose.

When a white man shoots and murders an African man anywhere, what is really doing to acting out a perverse and twisted fantasy of killing our Leader.

The racism of the white man is inherent and it can only be tempered with years of conditioning and education. That is why the road ahead while a long one it is a just one.