Monday, November 24, 2014

We will not be satisfied until there is JUSTICE for Micheal Brown

We demand JUSTICE.

And JUSTICE we shall have.

For too long the racists and the racial injustice imposed upon the African people has gone on. Too many African men have been murdered and falsely imprisoned. Too many African women have been abused by the white man. Too many African families broken by slave owners and racial and economic injustice.

Micheal Brown was a young African man who was murdered by a racial injustice that was allowed breed and fester in the so-called "justice system" created by white system of oppression.

Micheal Brown was unarmed.

Micheal Brown was simply walking down the street.

Micheal Brown had his arms up in the air and the system murdered him.

We call upon all Africans, all people of color will rise up if JUSTICE is not delivered and served.

We ask our Leader, President Obama to demand justice and to punish the wicked.