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mmo hao said...

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Tdill123 said...

Hello, please help me with a question. I read a older post of the blogger who said about how the American flag was made by black women and you said no European of that time could make a flag so are you saying that no whites back then knew how to make anything! !! They didn't make bowls, furniture for them selves , blankets, if they couldn't go to to store or if the liked making things even though we didn't invent nothing? ?


During one of my research visits to Library of Congress I came across information that would lead to facts that would shatter an old American myth: that Betsy Ross, a white woman, had sewn the first American flag.

Here’s the myth: In 1776 Ross was visited by George Washington who showed a design for a new American flag. Ross then created it and it eventaully became the flag known today as the stars and stripes.

There no historical record of such an occurrence. It is a fact that her husband, John Ross had African slaves on his land and among them were descendants of the African empires of the Mandinka and the Songhai. Among the many great skills of these Africans was their advanced knowledge of weaving. So great were their skills, many African Kings and Queens had their clothing made by them. In addition, it simply unlikely that a white person of European descent of this era would have had the skills needed to create a flag.

I searched the records and among the Africans held captive by John Ross was a woman known as “Oyo” which was a kingdom of Mandinka. I believe it was Oyo who created the flag and not Betsy Ross. I found a letter written by Ross in which he indicated that Oyo was used to fashion and repair clothing.

It is likely that the flag she created the new United States looked more like these current African flags:,1113926579,2.jpg

So great was (and is) the white man’s hatred for Africa, it only stands to reason that Washington, Ross and other whites perverted Oyo’s flag replaced the natural African colors with the harsh red, white and blue we see on the American flag today.

In other words, the American flag is a white lie.

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